About us

Pop culture and politics collided in the 70s, when the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, visited President Richard Nixon in the White House Oval Office. The ’70s may have been many things, but boring sure wasn’t one of them.  1971 saw the opening of Topic Print & Design – we’ve seen lots of changes through the years, historic events, recessions, various crises… 

With this comes a lot of experience, there’s very little we haven’t seen – large projects, small projects and everything in between. We are fortunate to enjoy the company of some great customers, we love seeing their projects/businesses progress and grow and a good sense of humour is always welcome! 

It’s fair to say our team are a bunch of perfectionists! Which can actually be kind of annoying sometimes (it’s time consuming always trying to be better!). At least this means you’re in good hands and there’s never a “it’ll do” attitude.

Last but not least, we like to do our bit for the environment by using environmentally friendly inks or plant based toners. Our paper is made from recycled materials, waste paper is kept to a minimum and any we do have is reused for animal bedding or gift wrapping!